I truly believe that by eating well, managing our stress levels and handling our emotions, we can have great lives of stability, strength and vitality. What’s more, this can create a really positive impact, not only on our family, friends and co-workers but also, our communities and who knows, maybe even the world!

So my Mission,  Vision,  Passion and  Goal is to help people to reduce stress, restore health and to live well.

But here’s the thing……….

Although I am a qualified (BSc) Nutritionist with many years’ experience of working in public health, I have also had cancer and chronic fatigue. Whilst this could have been a purely negative experience, it has actually given me a really positive perspective, especially as a Practitioner. Before, I could empathise and use my academic and vocational experience to help. But now I can really resonate and understand your journey because of the insights gained from my own.

My story

On my 3 year journey from sickness to health, I just couldn’t believe, how broken my once ‘healthy’ body had become.

During the CFS period, I experienced fatigue so debilitating that it felt as if someone was sitting on me. I had problems with my legs which meant that at times I couldn’t walk properly. At other times, I was just so worn out, overwhelmed and scared that all I wanted to do was to give up. Then on top of this was the frustration at not improving quickly, especially when my resources and finances were low. It was excruciating.

Yet, I so desperately wanted to feel strong again, to be back in control and to live well, that I basically did a 180 degree turn in many areas of my life.

Although my diet was good, I still had to make adjustments and at times it was really hard sticking to a health regime. But the main area that became critical to my recovery was my understanding more about how stress was affecting me. Then I had to start learning how to properly manage my stress levels and my personal triggers.

In fact, I named my business ‘stress less living’ knowing that I would likely need a daily reminder of what it takes for me to be healthy and well.

Maybe your situation isn’t as bad as this, but somehow you still resonate with what I’m saying. Then this site is for you.

This site and you

Here you can learn more about the nutrition and stress management service that’s been created especially for you, and how, should you choose, sign up for us to work together.

But this space is also meant to offer you a quiet spot, a kind of mini break where you can curl up, read, learn and relax. I share things that help me and I hope will encourage and help you too. You’ll find everything from health articles to useful tools and practical tips for restoring health, reducing stress and living well.

Ultimately this site is a contribution to our daily practice of stress less living.

With love Felicia X