Have you been doing everything that you can to improve your mood or to relieve headaches, tiredness, or sleep, or weight problems, but still you’re not really seeing much improvement?

Or maybe you have difficulty concentrating or are slightly anxious, or have a number of symptoms which flare up when you’re tired or stressed and you simply don’t know what to do anymore.

Well just know that it’s not hopeless.
Getting well starts with, really understanding what lies beneath your symptoms and uncovering the root cause of the problem.

My degree and training as a Nutritionist is underpinned by Functional Medicine, a scientific evidence-based and holistic practice which answers questions such as:

“Why, when I’ve made so many changes am I not getting better? Could my health concern be caused by certain foods, my stress levels or even my weekly bottle of wine?”

When we consider these factors in isolation we may think that it is one of these. But, when we put them together and add other things like an hourly commute to work, the bee sting you had in the summer or a virus 2 years ago, a house move, giving birth or children leaving home or the damp patch in the bathroom, a very different picture starts to emerge.

We get a picture that can start to really address the issue.

How this service can help you

  • It gives you back the control, because once you really understand what is happening to you on a bio-chemical level, you’ll be able work towards not only resolving the health issue, but also managing your health in the future.
  • We address the root cause of your health concern so that you can have long lasting improvement and become internally strong and more resilient.
  • You will be provided with one to one support and a personalised package of care which deals directly with your health concern and adapts in line with your progress.
  • You will be given comprehensive nutritional insights, a clear direction and a workable structure to help you to plan your way forward.

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