Your 15 Minute Free Consultation

You may have worked with or consulted a number of medical and/or complementary practitioners before coming to me. So I appreciate that it can be frustrating having to tell your story again or being on a treadmill looking for answers. That’s why it’s so important we find out whether this service is right for you before going ahead.

Considering the questions below and jotting down a few answers before we speak can really help. There are no right or wrong answers and you may only agree with 3 or 4. But it can help you to get clear about where you are currently on your health journey and where you ideally want to be. So here are the questions:

Do you have a particular health issue that’s bothering you (perhaps you’re unusually tired, have sleep problems, regular headaches or low or fluctuating mood swings, PMS or gut problems?)

Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed or unable to cope more than you used to?

Are you finding it hard to maintain a healthy or regular diet?

Do you know what to do but lack motivation or keep slipping back?

Do you have an idea of how you want to feel? Or does that seem like an impossible dream?

Do you want support and a plan that you can follow to give you the help that you need?

Are you willing to be actively involved and make small incremental steps to improve your health?

Things to consider about me and the service

Not everything is for everyone, but there is something or somethings which can help everyone. The same goes with finding health support and a practitioner that you can feel comfortable with.

It’s important that you know that I am not a doctor, counsellor or physician. I am a qualified Nutritionist and Stress Management Trainer who has worked in the health field and studied for many years. I also continue to keep up to date and aware of the latest research so that I can fully support my clients.

You don’t have to understand bio-chemistry or the latest nutritional trends to use this service. We’ll be exploring the underlying causes of your health issue together and the role of diet, lifestyle and how stress and often hidden stressors may be impacting your health. We’ll also explore the ways in which you can have greater balance and feel more in control of your health.

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