Food and Mood Workshops

If you’ve landed here, then I know that you’re someone who values their health. But maybe, just maybe you’re still not feeling that great. Do you ever wonder why you’re still struggling to manage your headaches, PMS or food cravings? Or maybe it’s mood swings, or not sleeping well or feeling constantly tired that bothers you.

I get it, and I’m here to help

It’s not always easy to see how all of these symptoms relate to each other, but they do. It’s also important to know that there’s something you can do to improve them.

So whether you’re looking to learn more in order to maintain your health. Or whether you’re dealing with a health issue and want to see how nutrition can help. Or if you know what to do but just need a little support along the way.

Welcome! These workshops are for you.

Each workshop costs £17. However, if you’re able to attend 3, then the third one is just £10! Please reserve your place in advance.

Session 1 – Saturday 8th July 10am – 12pm – How nutrition can help you

Session 2 – Saturday 9th October 10am- 12pm – Reduce stress, boost your energy and reclaim your life!

For more information and to book click here

Session 3 – Saturday 11th November 10am – 12pm – Make peace with your stressors and elevate your mood

Session 4 – Date TBC – How to sleep well so that you can feel well

Session 5 – Date TBC – Get happy with your hormones and ease PMT

Session 6 – Date TBC – Loving your tummy, loving your mind

These gentle workshops are designed to give you clarity. But I also appreciate that we’re all busy and so need things that are simple and easy to apply. That’s what I’ve created for you. Looking forward to seeing you X