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If you’ve landed here, then I know that you’re someone who values their health. But are you still struggling to manage your headaches, weight or IBS? Or maybe it’s mood swings, or not sleeping well, PMS or always feeling tired that bothers you.

I get it, and I’m here to help

In my workshops or during one of my talks you’ll learn about the link between diet, symptoms and health. AND, you’ll also gain practical skills to take away, so that you can actually do something to help you improve.

So whether you’re dealing with a health issue and want to see how nutrition can help. Or if you’re simply looking to learn more in order to maintain your health. Or if you know what to do but need a little support and encouragement along the way.  Welcome! 


Let’s Talk Health

Are you struggling with tiredness, weight issues, sleep problems, headaches, fluctuating moods, PMS, or low energy?

Would you like to join a friendly peer support group where you can talk about your issues AND also get the information, advice and practical tips that you need to help you turn things around?

Well then this may be perfect for you!

This is a 4-week peer support programme led by me, Felicia Jones, a BSc qualified Nutritionist and Stress Management Trainer (Dip). Each 4-week programme focuses on a specific topic. This can range from digestive problems, mood fluctuations, sleep problems and stress to hormonal issues or headaches, stubborn weight gain and more.

The key is that you’ll have the opportunity to talk, share and learn about health in a positive caring environment.

Milton Keynes – The next programme will be run in the autumn, please keep your eye on this page or visit me on Facebook

Northampton – The next programme will be run in the autumn, please keep your eye on this page or visit me on Facebook

The group is limited to 8 people to ensure that we have a safe space where everyone gets the opportunity to participate. The cost is £85 (for the whole 4-week programme).

To book go to:

If you have any questions email me at: with the heading ‘Let’s talk health’.


I provide talks on various nutrition, stress management and health and wellbeing topics.

My rates start at £120 (concessions rates are available for charities). Please call for further details.