• Healthy eating at Christmas

    Healthy eating at Christmas. Yes, I know. Can there be such a thing? I think so and it doesn’t mean bah humbug, restrictive or limited either. Follow me, let’s tuck in and see what’s on offer. Make it easy and make it fun! What would your ideal Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day meal look Continue reading »

  • How to NURTURE Yourself Naturally with Vitamin D

    I’ve become increasingly interested in vitamin D because of the growing rates of deficiency. But, I’ve been fascinated by this subject ever since I worked with a woman in her mid-30s, who had to have vitamin D injections because her jaw bone was crumbling away! It’s so important that you nurture yourself and getting your Continue reading »

  • Skin problems? What you can do if this is you

    They say ‘love the skin you’re in’, but what if your skin’s irritated, spotty, blotchy, sore and constantly puffy? What do you do then? And how do you stop it getting worse? I’ve met so many people who as teenagers, had spots and because they also often had an oily t-zone, were told ‘it’s your Continue reading »

  • Is your annoying cough stressing you out?

    Maybe you can relate to this. A few years ago I had a horrible virus. It left me months after recovery, with a dry, tickly and frankly irritating cough. I know that’s not unusual, but what I started to recognise was that the cough seemed to appear more if my mind was racing or if Continue reading »

  • How to stop a headache causing you stress

    Have you ever had a headache that was so bad that all you could do was spend time in a darkened room, unable to speak, with a freezing flannel over your eyes? Well, you’re not alone. Sadly for over 8 million people in the UK, according to Migraine Action and the Migraine Trust, that’s exactly Continue reading »

  • Are you a sleep deprived caregiver who needs support?

    Are you also feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, isolated and guilty for feeling this way?  You’re not alone. Caring for someone is hard. But not sleeping because of stress, worry or because the person you care for is not sleeping, makes things even harder. Many of the 1 in 8 registered carers in the UK know this Continue reading »

  • Here’s to a happy, healthy and stress less New Year!

    The New Year’s such a great time for looking forward. It signifies new beginnings, opportunities and of course new ways of doing things. And rightly so, it can often highlight areas that weren’t so helpful in the past and that we want to change now. But making those changes happen without reverting back to our old Continue reading »