I approached Felicia because I was suffering with depression, which was the cause of many of my health problems. I had very painful periods and felt bloated, I was also not sleeping for more than 3 hours a night and I felt tired all the time.

As I have some knowledge about biology I thought I could get well by myself, but I couldn’t and so the support given by Felicia helped me a lot. I really liked the contact by email/phone/Skype and in person as it helped to keep me on track. She explained to me what I was doing wrong and sent me recipes which were easy to make.

At first I thought of the program as a diet to lose weight, but with time I realised it was much more. I had to change my old habits. I learned to plan my meals carefully, eat the right things and eat more frequently and exercise and then weight loss became a consequence of those changes.

In about 6 weeks, I noticed how my health had improved. My period pain almost disappeared which is amazing as I had suffered with very strong PMS all my life! I am sleeping much better now (almost to a full night’s sleep) and I’m not feeling bloated anymore, craving sweets or bread. I learned to watch what I eat without feeling restricted by anything, just choosing better options.

I am feeling so much better now. This has been noticed by many people who tell me I look lighter, calmer and healthier. The program worked wonderfully for me because I applied myself and changed my habits.

I have to thank Felicia for “keeping me on the right path” and helping me to change my health for the better.

Vanessa T, Sussex