I really enjoyed working with Felicia who provides a friendly, caring and understanding service.

The programme really helped me with my insomnia after suffering most nights for 15 plus years. The remedy ended up being a combination of some quite simple elements. I had tried many things in the past like visiting the doctors, seeing acupuncturists and sleep CBT to no avail.

I would recommend trying the programme, I feel so much better!

Sarah M, Bedfordshire

I approached Felicia because I was suffering with depression, which was the cause of many of my health problems. I had very painful periods and felt bloated, I was also not sleeping for more than 3 hours a night and I felt tired all the time.

As I have some knowledge about biology I thought I could get well by myself, but I couldn’t and so the support given by Felicia helped me a lot. I really liked the contact by email/phone/Skype and in person as it helped to keep me on track. She explained to me what I was doing wrong and sent me recipes which were easy to make.

In about 6 weeks, I noticed how my health had improved. My period pain almost disappeared which is amazing as I had suffered with very strong PMS all my life! I am sleeping much better now (almost to a full night’s sleep) and I’m not feeling bloated anymore, craving sweets or bread. I learned to watch what I eat without feeling restricted by anything, just choosing better options.

I am feeling so much better now. This has been noticed by many people who tell me I look lighter, calmer and healthier. The program worked wonderfully for me because I applied myself and changed my habits.

I have to thank Felicia for “keeping me on the right path” and helping me to change my health for the better.

Vanessa T, Sussex

This program has been the first one I have been able to commit to in my life. It was a surprise how well I started feeling the first week. I am impressed about how having someone to back you up makes such a difference. I started noticing body transformation in the first month, and that is priceless. I think I am ready now to try on my own, but I know that if more support is needed Felicia will always be there to restart the programme with me.

Ane B, Northants

I was feeling overwhelmed and unwell when I contacted Felicia. I liked her approach and the fact she took a full history before making any recommendations. Within days I was feeling better and felt I had real focus despite my insomnia which improved quickly. I liked the regular updates and the chance to revisit my goals. Thank you.

Sue M, Buckinghamshire